Stockholm - Hamburg: 1st class compartment

I would like to book a compartment on the Stockholm - Hamburg with my interrail 2nd class pass.
I am searching by entering my pass number, but I only get results in 1st class.
Can I make this reservation while making sure that I don't have an extra charge on the day of the trip?
I asked this question via chat, but SJ seemed to be unsure...
Has anyone been in the same situation?
Thanks in advance!

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There are 2 night trains on this route :



On both websites you can select Interrail as a discount. It is best not to use for reservations : extra fees, sometimes more expensive or not all options are shown.

If you want precise advice, let us know your travel date. Night trains are very popular so do not wait to book

Sorry, I forgot to attach the capture.
I was looking for the SJ train of August 20th.