Stockholm to Copenhagen via Almhult and Hasselholm

  • 1 August 2022
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Hi, has anybody travelled from Stockholm to Copenhagen via Almhult (bus to Hasselholm) and Hasselholm recently? Was your trip smooth? Sweden-Denmark trains are very full booked now and I'm looking for options. There seems not be straight trains to Copenhagen at weekend.

1 reply

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IF this is due to works on that sector, then you will not find anyone to report-as it has to come yet! These types very often happen-even more in summer, also in FI on VR, and in general it is a fairly smooth process-just follow the crowd! The direct trains STO-Malmö run via that route,and if you want an ALT on the rails-it is likely via Göteborg-change to hourly (non RES) Öresundt toget fra there.