Strasbourg-Paris-Bayonne time tables in September 2022

  • 2 April 2022
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If I look Interrail Rail Planner September time tables and seat reservations for Strasbourg-Bayonne (direct connections or via Paris) I can see trains that do not exist at sncf-connect or 

I can not believe that  seat reservations for interrail are possible before normal tickets are available.

What is the source for up-to-date September time tables in France? 

4 replies

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French timetables will first be published on But it has quite peculiar preferences, especially for journeys with multiple trains. So if you think some trains are missing, you should look them up individually. The planner is much better but will be lagging a bit behind with updates from other countries.

Sorry I was not clear enoug:

Sncf-connect is telling that last train Strasbourg-Bordeaux is running 28.8.2022. No traffic in September.

Rail planner is selling seat tickets to trains running in September.

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That's strange. The rail planner gets it data from the European Timetable Centre, which in turn gets its data from the SNCF (and others). Maybe the SNCF September data will then also disappear with the next app update, to reappear later.

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Maybe confused by their US-system of dating and timing? NOone here in EUR uses that first month/then day or am/pm (well, that last seems to please the Brits).

So maybe 9/5 is meant for may the 9th?

OR SNCF has at the last moment again decided to rearrange its trains or maybe found some stretch that would need urgent upgrading and works along so that train timings would need to be changed again without yet telling others.