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  • 10 July 2022
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I specifically chose a train from Venice to Innsbruck to avoid extra costs (train that left at 15:35, see picture). However, I had to pay a supplement of 10 euros because apparently only regional trains are supplement-free. The controller told me that this happens quite often and that Interrail has been told about this several times. I suggest modifying this in the app to avoid such problems…


3 replies

Regional trains in Italy*

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Yes, the DB-ÖBB Eurocity needs a 10€ fee for the italian part, wich can also be bought online via ÖBB. Interrail App often says that you need a reservation wich is not true, you need the fee. Reservation is optional. At Ticket offices of Trenitalia and DB you get with the fee a reservation for free.


Important: The railplanner app is not retailable, because often informations are wrong or train miss.

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Even if you ´forget´ this the conducor will find you and then ask for payment-it has been noted they now start/or maybe have already-to ask for higher price in train as beforehand.

Alas, it is NOT possible to forego this, as a leg in South-Tirol/ITaly area has ow its own regional trains, not taking pass-so you would also have to pay for that sector till Brennero. But its a little less as 10€