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  • 10 September 2023
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Today I booked my obligated seat reservation for the EC (Berlin - Warszawa) and EIP (Warszawa - Krakow). My app says it needs additional supplement, but the women at the service desk of DB said it was included. Is it? Because the site shows it is only included when booked at pkp? 
If it isn’t can I pay with card when on the train? These extra things are really unclear to me…



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3 replies

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Don't believe everything the app says, it is often quite wrong…

The EC doesn't have a supplement, only mandatory reservations within Poland.

How much did the EIP reservation cost ? It should be around 10€.

Yes I paid €10 for only the EIP seat reservation at the DB desk (for which the supplement was needed) sorry I should have been more precise in that. The EC only needed the seat reservation. 

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Then you’ve got everything covered : 10€ is the reservation + so-called supplement. :)

Enjoy your trip !