TGV trains Paris to Narbonne

  • 3 November 2023
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I wish to go from Paris to Narbone. When I request train times through this site, is does not show all the trains listed for TGV InOui.  Is the pass not good on all trains between those cities?  Does not show a train leaving at 11:46am arriving at 4:13pm which exists.


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Ouigo low-cost high-speed trains are not covered but the 11:46 train is not one of them.

What's your travel date ? If Eurail doesn't work (it often does...) use

Website of the Belgian Railways (4€ fee per order, compared to 2€ per person per train on

Looks like there are some engineering works until December around Narbonne so Rail Planner timetables may not be fully reliable (but if SNCF shows that train, it should run!). 

Questions welcome !

I read about the low cost train, but you are correct the train to Narbonne is not one of those. My travel dates are way in the future, next October. I put in dates for Feb and July of next year to see if they were different. No difference.

Making reservations with another site is an easy option so I appreciate the advice. 

I will continue to check but was surprised by how few trains between those two cities are listed on Eurail given the actual number listed with SNCF.


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You are way too early for October !

Most timetables are published for the whole year but SNCF rarely does that : they release trains on "big dates" about every 3 month (and then their website get overloaded but that's another story...). 

Eurail/Rail Planner is connected to the European-wide database and companies add their data whenever they feel like it... Eurail depends on that. RENFE (Spain) and Trenitalia (Italy) often do it last-minute for example.

It's not uncommon for trains to be available first on and then only appear a few days later on Rail Planner.

Back to the subject : reservations should be available from 3 months in advance but it's not an issue to book later.

Yes, I know I am early. 

My first experience with Eurail was in 1971 when I backpacked for more than 2 months through western Europe, and used the paper edition.

I am looking now because I have another party coming to meet us in Paris before we travel to Narbonne. I will be arriving in Paris on the soon to be night train from Berlin and wanted to get an idea of the times of the trains to Narbonne.

Thanks for your help and useful information regarding the Eurail database