ticket reservations in spain

  • 14 December 2022
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Yes I can confirm, pasted below  is my previous reply to one of the other queries on this subject


Summary is - It was very effective, there was of-course a small charge  but that was nothing compared with the stress of trying to sort it out my self prior to this.


For info I have also used Andy to get me tickets for the overnight train from Sofia into Istanbul, for which he needs to get the tickets delivered into the hotel I was staying in Sofia- this was also a following a recommendation from Man in seat 61. -I mention this to give confidence that Andy can deliver.


Hope it goes well




Hi AnnaB. I see your reply. I was similarly struggling hence the topic. The solution for me was to go to website for and as mentioned above he indicates that  can arrange Spanish train tickets. He arranged this for me on the morning of travel. Tickets can be e-mailed as .pdf and the charge for this service was I think 12.5 euros total  in my case for three separate tickets. They also recommend you print the tickets, which I did, but I think tis is not essential.

If I had known earlier I would have gladly paid this rather than struggle

Good Luck


Thanks Malcolm for the update and confirming the service was good, that’s great to hear. Indeed, it’s very stressful so a small charge is nothing compared to me previously thinking I’d have to fly out to Spain just to book the tickets!

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Enjoy your future travels.