Tight connection in Zagreb

  • 28 April 2024
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Hello Interrailers!

I currently have a 30-minute gap between trains at Zagreb Glavny before catching the red-eye express down to Split, which leaves at 22:30.

Should be enough… but if it isn’t (if the train from Hungary is delayed) what are my chances of getting a free ride on the next Zagreb-Split train? 100%? 50-50? Zilch? Depends who i ask?

My travel days are all planned up, and it would be proper annoying to have lost out on a travel day, even more than on the couchette booking.

Subsidiary Qs for those-who-know:

The “next” train is at 07:00. If i am offered a free ticket, does it HAVE to be the very NEXT train, or can i get a free ride on the afternoon train instead (to make it worth an impromptu overnight stay)?

Many thanks in advance,










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