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  • 12 October 2022
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Hi - When would timetable for July/August be available? - Thanks Mette


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depends on the country. E.g. Austria, Germany, Switzerland are available already now.
Italy will be available by mid/end of May 2022

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Indeed. Timetables so far forward are difficult to access, because of the big yearly timetable change on December 11th. A lot of planning is still being done in many countries. Some minor changes happen as well throughout the year, mostly because of engineering works.

In many countries, it’s only available 3-4 months in advance (France). Some even less (Spain, Italy)

Always check your journey again on the national train companies websites, a couple of weeks, days before you go. The planner on the Eurail app, doesn’t update very often. Last minute adaptations are always possible.

If you have more concrete questions about connections, routes, or you want tips and tricks, the community will always be glad to help :)

If you already want a rough overview of the possibilities, you should use planners just a couple of days ahead of today. Then you’ll be able to estimate how much time it takes to get from A to B, what kind of frequencies you can expect,… but for proper itinerary making, exact hours and doing some reservations it’s still too early.