Timetable for Lyria trains Basel Paris availability to make a seat reservation early January

  • 26 October 2021
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I am  looking at the Eurail timetable for the Lyria train from Basel to Paris, for departure in early January. There are no trains available for that time period at the moment. Other providers like Deutsche Bahn already have  the time tables on line. I will not buy a Global Pass until I am sure I get a seat on this train. Don't want end up having to buy a full ticket for this segment. Any idea what the holdup is for the eurail timetable access to the Lyriia train ?  This is not even 3 month in advance.


3 replies

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Your are five days to late :/
on the 21th October TGV Lyria sold all it´s routes for just 20€ 2nd class or 40€ 1st class (Ticket & Reservation)  for journey´s till march next year :/

The train usually opens for reservations 60days in advance. In my experince the reservations on TGV Lyria are not limited but quite expensive :/

My suggestion to save money take between Basel and Mulhouse a regionaltrain and use the same TGV as from Basel from there to Paris with a domesitc reservation of 10€ (limited) or 20€ instead of up to 56€ for a reservation on International TGV :/

Thanks very much for the info


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Hi @CW22, our supplier was delayed in providing us with data. You will be able to see the Lyria connection for 2022 this week Friday, when we've done our timetable update. Cheers,