timetables for your travel date may not yet be available in international journey planners

  • 7 October 2023
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I have bought an interrail pass for 4 (2 adults + 2 children) and I would like to plan my trip to Spain for the Christmas holidays. 
But at the moment rail planner is not offering tickets for sale for these dates (between 27 December and 7 January), it seems that it's too early. The problem is that the trains are on sale on the websites of the national companies (SNCF and Renfe).
I read on the forum that you can book via the national companies but I can't see how to book an interrail pass, they only offer to buy tickets at the normal price, as if you didn't have a pass... I can wait for the rail planner to offer them but by then the trains will be full. I'm afraid that time will go by and I won't be able to book any more journeys because everything will be full. Can you please tell me what to do? I'm getting very stressed about having a pass that I can't use. I thought it would be simple and that once I'd bought the pass it wouldn't be complicated to book seats, but I feel completely helpless. Could you please help me ? 


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Interrail/Eurail often open bookings a few days later. Just be a little more patient : SNCF and RENFE released tickets on Wednesday.

Unfortunately France and Spain are the worst countries : loads of mandatory reservations. Not all Spanish trains can be booked on either…

I'll ask the same question : what is your route ?

Good news : there is no passholder quota on cross-border TGVs anymore.

Good news 2 : you can get domestic TGV reservations for free by visiting a SNCF ticlet counter. Ask for a billet parcours d'approche. (This only applies to French residents.)

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Which route do you want to take? 

I would have thought reservations would be available via the Eurail website if the trains are open for sale. But there are quota restrictions for Eurail.

If you're travelling to Barcelona, you also have the option to reserve to Perpignan, then take the unreserved slow train.