Train Amsterdam - Berlin no longer available

Hi,  around April I had found a route on 09/08/2022 from Amsterdam to Berlin at 22:34 but now it is no longer available.  How can I now that I have also purchased the pass and planned my itinerary?  will they put it back?


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On what site did you find the train?

I found it on, once I saw all the trains I needed I continued with the purchase of the pass, only now it is gone.

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A direct train at 22:34 from Amsterdam to Berlin? This train does not exist. I would have been a train there, but not covert by Interrail/Eurail. 

You can use the ICE/IC to Düsseldorf/Duisburg and change there for a ICE to Berlin. Day trains run in germany also in the night. 

For this route you only need one travel day, because you enter the ICE in Duisburg before midnight. You can use the ICE 1 hour before the IC, to be sure to be on time in Duisburg or Düsseldorf. 


thanks for the answer, but I swear to you that before ordering the pass, I had created the itinerary and checked the trains on the official interrail website that I needed by writing them down on a sheet.  but this week I started to check if they were still available but no, the only train they changed and this one here from Amsterdam to Berlin

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Then this must have been a real mistake as since many yrs, in fact since 2000, there has simply been NO train at all from AMS to Germany=DE @ 22.34. The very last train has always been this overnighter (part NightJet, part IC) to Swiss.

NOte: Duisbg is about the worst of the worst of big stations in DE-you can simply go on to DUSseldorf=next stop, 14 mins later and catch same B-train from there-15 mins earlier, so thats ´double track´=with a pass not problem.

And DO doublecheck timings again a day or 2 before_ as there are many, many longer time WORks along this line to make it good for the many more freighttrains-these last trains/day are then very often sent via quite other routes and will not even serve Dbg -and DUS also not.

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Then this must have been a real mistake

Nope, no mistake.

There was a night train Brussels - Amsterdam - Berlin - Prague planned from this summer, but it has been postponed. It would indeed leave Amsterdam at 22:34 but I doubt if Interrail would have been valid.

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I wonder if this one of the journeys shown on an Interrail search that has a rider that it isn’t available to pass holders, and standard fares are needed.


OOI We received an e-mail this week from European Sleeper (a new company) saying that they were delaying the start of their new Brussels/Amsterdam/Berlin/Prague service, so I assume that is the service you saw. 


Like others I doubt it would be Interrail pass valid.