Train Bergen to Oslo

  • 23 March 2024
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I would like to travel from Oslo to Bergen using a night train then go back towards Oslo while visiting the other train stops between Bergen and Oslo. I would like to do that during August and since it’s to early to book tickets, I would like to know if I need to pay a fee for a sleep cabin for a night train and seats for regular train?

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1 reply

Depends on the travel class of your pass (1st or 2nd).

With 2nd class pass it’s 70 NOK for a standard seat, 350 NOK for a premium seat, 650 NOK for a reclining seat and 1.200 NOK for a sleeper.

With 1st class pass it’s free of charge for a standard or premium seat, 650 NOK for a reclining seat and 1.200 NOK for a sleeper.