Train connection invalid in some countires

  • 9 August 2022
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I booked an Interrail Poland Pass for my trip from Wiesbaden to Sedzilaw with my wife and the recommended train connection to do so is to take the ICE1557 at 8:26 am on the 15th August 22 and to drive to Dresden-Neustadt.
The Pass however won't allow me to book the ICE to Dresden-Neustadt. The reason for this is according to the app that my bought Interrail Poland Pass is not valid in some countries.
I used once the same Interrail Poland Pass and it worked out for me because of the "Incoming and Outcoming" guarantee. What can I do?


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2 replies

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A One Country Pass is only valid in one country and has no outbound/inbound journeys. If you want to travel from Germany to Poland you need a Global Pass. 

You need to have a normal ticket for your travel in Germany. If you travel in August maybe you can take a regional train and use the 9 EUR ticket 

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1 country passes never ever had the offer for an extra trip To that country.

Use brains: then anyone would buy a cheap pass for GReece or TuRkey and go there for that minimal sum?

In future be sensible-go to DB, a Reisecenter, and have them sell it to you and make all arrangements same time-then you do not get this when people think they can be their own travel agentur.