Train found in rail planner app, but not on website.

  • 16 April 2022
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Hi, I am planning on travelling from Stockholm to Berlin, and I found a direct night train in the Rail planner app. However, when trying to book seat reservation, the train I found in the app does not exist anywhere on the interrail website. Does this mean I have to find another train?

I can still find the train in question on other sites, but then I am unable to use my interrail pass for that route. Is it possible to book only the reservation on external sites?



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3 replies

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You mean the snälltaget nightrain to Berlin? Yes you can buy reservations also on external websites. Sometimes it’s cheaper without the 2€ booking fee of


If the train is not in the app you can add it manually in the app for ticket check. 

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There was planned to have 2 trains-another one besides this snalltaget (=not every day), but the other one has been suspended till at least autumn, so not this summer. The app-it has been told here in about any response, so a few 100 times, is not the best to use-use a better planner, best is always the railway concerned, next best for most of EUr (german rails)

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Please always mention details, like date and departure time.

There is a direct night train from Snälltåget. Book a supplement by using "INTERRAIL” as promotion code.