Train from Paris to Zurich Sunday 2nd June 2024

  • 29 March 2024
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Hi all, this is my very first time going overseas and l need some help with a train reservation.

l want to catch a direct train from Paris to Zurich on Sunday 2nd June 2024. l have been waiting for the correct train to come up on Eurail timetable. Once it did l tried to buy the reservations however it is  saying prices unavailable. l have tried going to all the other train sites like B-Europe, Rail Europe, TGV Lyria etc, but am unable to do so with my pass, it will only allow if l pay for a full fare. 

I understand it is the busy season but l have been trying for over a month to book and every single direct train on the day is ‘’Prices Unavailable’’. The trains where you have to make 2 changes are still available. is there another way? As it's almost like the passes aren't covered on the direct trains at all.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you !!!


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I see prices, e.g.:

I do see that a number of trains seem to be missing. What exact train are you trying to book?

It could well be that there are engineering works, since when I look for Paris-Basel only, then I see more trains. Reservations are not required between Basel and Zurich, and domestic passengers in Switzerland don't book reservations, so booking Paris-Basel is enough.

Additionally, you can save money by booking a TGV Paris-Mulhouse or Paris-Strasbourg (€10 or €20), and then use a fast TER to Basel and an intercity to Zurich (no further reservations required). That only takes half an hour more.

Yes I saw I could book the train you have shown. But  getting to Zurich at 21:03 was much too late. The exact train l was hoping to get was the 10:22- 14:26 but would’ve been happy with either 7:22 - 11:26 or even 12.22 - 16:26. But all are saying proces unavailable.

I have just looked into your suggestions and they are brilliant!! Booking to Basel or even Strasbourg will work perfectly, and they have plenty of times to choose from during the day. 
Thank you so much for your help. I am very grateful !!