Train lines from Faro, Portugal to Sevilla, Spain.

  • 3 March 2023
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I am looking at the map of eurail routes and need to know if there is a short route from Faro, Portugal to Sevilla, Spain. 

I don't see one on the map but these cities are so close! We want to visit both and in order to get to faro to Sevilla it would be a very long journey back to Lisbon, Madrid, and then Sevilla.

Or we have to rent a car which would be fine but to rent a car in one country and leave it in another is very expensive. 

Does anyone have experience with traveling between these smaller cities? And what might be the best practice? 



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There are buses from Sevilla to Faro.

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If you want to do most by train (but accept that it likely is slower) you can go up to Huelva on the Spanish side by train, from Huelva to Ayamonte by bus, cross the river by boat and take the train from Vila Real de Santo António to Faro.

There are buses from Sevilla to Faro.

Thank you so much! Doing more searching I was seeing this, it definitely seems like the best option! Thanks again!