Train not in the interrail app

  • 2 August 2022
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I planned a trip in Google Maps, but I can’t find the last connection on the Interrail app, what does this mean? I can’t use my pass for this train?


It’s tomorrow from Vienna to Zagreb Glavni Kolod Train Station leaving at 18:01.

It’s kind of stressing me out so thanks in advance.

7 replies

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I can’t find this train tomorrow. On Friday I can see it, but it is arriving at 00.45 in Zagreb and reservation with interrail for this train is super EXPENSIVE.
Better to take this train:

No reservation needed and way better arrival time in Zagreb...

@MartinM Thanks, but we’re traveling from The Netherlands to Kroatia in one day. Do you know where to add it?

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As said, the train at 18.01 is NOT running tomorrow (it is a seasonal train, running only 2-3 times per week Bratislava-VIenna-Graz-Zagreb-Split). Rome2rio or whatever website you got this is WRONG.

I don’t know where in NL you live, but you could take this route tmrw:


Really risky connection, but maybe you are lucky ^^

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Google maps is not a good planner. Use ÖBB or instead.

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According to the OBB site the 1801 does not run on Wed or Thurs. The only direct train is the one shown above.

They are showing only 2 journeys after this, one at 1858 and reaching Zagreb at 0652 with 3 changes, and a Night train service at 2125 but not showing tickets online - would need to ask at Vienna I assume.

You may need 2 travel days for these later trains, depending on what time you make the changes.

As posted earlier the train you suggest is showing on Friday

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To avoid using two travel days you could make it to München until tomorrow evening and then take the nighttrain from there:

You’ll need a reservation (14 euro for a seat) for this one. You can book it via oebb (if there is smth available).
Definitely will be the most convenient route.

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One other possibility is to travel AMS to Munich then Night train leaving at 2304.Couchettes are available at about 90 euro but it would still be only one travel day on your pass.

Seat only available at 14 euro.

Several options available for AMS to Munich


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