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  • 15 July 2021
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hello everyone, i just noticed that the train options on the interrail website are different from the train options on the interrail app. i’m a first time traveler and i’m very scared to be stuck in a place i don’t know because the train i thought i could take doesn’t exist. does anyone have tips? do i need to make sure that every train i take is on the website and in the app? 


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Hey Lieve,

best is to check the website of the local railway operator, that information is the most up-to-date. The app is not always up-to-date and also e.g. on HAFAS of ÖBB/DB some trains that are existing are not mentioned (e.g. Palermo-Agrigento), while others are in there and don’t run (e.g. had recently a train Florence-Salerno, which was shown on the ÖBB app, but didn’t exist what I got to know only at the ticket office as I didn’t check before). 

So in short: the website of the local railway operator is the trustable source.
And don’t worry, the timetables are in 99% of the cases alright :).