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  • 27 March 2023
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On May 15 my daughter and I will need to take a train from Tuitjenhorn (Netherlands) to Bruges (Belgium), arriving at the main station in Bruges. We would like to leave Tuitjenhorn late morning--early afternoon.

Then on May 23 we need to take an early train from Bruges to the Brussels airport, hopefully arriving at approximately 8:00 AM.

Would you be able to provide me with some options?


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For up to date timetables check here:

You will have to take a bus (not included in pass) from Tuitjenhorn first, to Alkmaar or Schagen.

Avoid Thalys, as it is bad value between Amsterdam and Brussels. (limited pass holder seat, and no flexibility, expensive reservations).


Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Antwerpen, (Gent), Brugge

Or Alkmaar Amsterdam Brussel (Noord, Centeaal/Zuid) Brugge, wil be your route. 

All other trains in the Benelux do not require any form of reservation, and have frequent, at least hourly services. 

Departures in Bruges for Brussels airport is at hourly hh:31. Ca 1,5 travel time. More options if you change in in Brussels.