Train reservation Prague-Wien

  • 29 July 2021
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Hey it's me again... Now trying to book my seat for my train from Prague to Wien. I have 2 options: train ticket without reservation (but possible) or reservation without ticket..? What is the difference? (except for the big price change) 

Also, why can't I find the Interrail discout in the discounts section...?

Thanks in advance for your answers! 



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3 replies

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You need a reservation without a ticket. You already have a ticket: your Interrail.

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as @rvdborgt  said you need a reservation without a ticket as you already have a ticket (Your Railpass Interrail/Eurail) 

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don´t know which pass you have

but if you have a flexipass i can suggest regiojet with trains to Budapest,Bratislava & Vienna and quite cheap price from 15€ - 18€ in their low cost category :) no need to use a Travelday of a Flexipass that worths usually 20-35€ (depends on the bought flexipass) and use the saved day for a new destination