Train station counter, B-europe and all do not work for Interrail reservations...

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I need to book a reservation for the night train Paris->Latour de Carol on Saturday (and for a Spanish train on Sunday). At a DB counter, they told me that they cannot book domestic train reservations abroad anymore. On the SNCF website, it is not possible to book Interrail reservations any longer. B-europe does not show the train. And I cannot even access the reservation tool: It says "Using the timetable below, you can make reservations for most European trains", but there is no timetable on the page at all. Does anyone know how I can book the reservation?

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@amadeu  Lucky it work for you. Was it the Agentur Lennestadt? (Maybe use it as the last hope for Interrail/Eurail :) like back in the days the Wastels Travelagency in Budapest (there are due some struggles history) 

I usually use one of these but Lennestad is not mentioned 😕 and most of them charge a service fee or even offer the service just when you bought the pass with them. 

It was, and they were very forthcoming and didn’t charge any fees. :)

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Hi rvdborgt, the issue seems to be back indeed. Our IT team is aware and working on it. I'll keep you posted. Cheers,