Train times; for July nothing is available

  • 18 March 2022
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Hi, I have a question. I bought interrail tickets for this year and at the time of purchase I downloaded the app and was able to see all of the trains between each destination and was able to plan it out. This was about 2 months ago. Now however when I try to look up train times for July nothing is available and the train times only go as far as May. I was wondering why this is happening as it was working when I first got the tickets but now I can’t check for July. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 


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2 replies

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Same has been asked and [posted here many, many times. Most railways change their timings 2x/yr and one of those dates is early june-a sunday, the minor one, to adapt to summer times (not summer clock!). They will only post when they are 123% sure to avoid late minute alterations. Just use a samedayintheweek and check later for minor changes-mostly only a minute or so

And again 2: use the planners of the railways themselves-that on eurail is often incomplete or out of date. Best EUR-wide planner is from German trains

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  1. Check if there are any app updates.
  2. Some railway companies still haven't published their summer timetables (valid from 12 June), e.g. Italian railways (Trenitalia). It will be available first on the Trenitalia website.
  3. The rail planner app should be one of the last choices to check timetables, since it doesn't get enough updates to be reliable (only once every few weeks) and is not complete (e.g. for Italy or Spain). National websites or apps are more reliable and more complete; for international planning, the Deutsche Bahn website or DB Navigator app is a good choice, although it will still be incomplete for some operators, such as Italian and Spanish railways, who just don't send their complete timetable to the rest of the world.