Train times not showing up

  • 5 July 2022
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I’m going travelling with all my friends in July and one of the train times has come up for all my friends but not for me. It has an option to add it manually but I’m nervous that that won’t be valid. If anyone knows what else I can do I’d be so great full! 


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  1. Everybody should check for app updates and reset the planner options.
  2. Do NOT use the rail planner app to plan. It is not reliable enough for that purpose, since it gets far too few updates (only 1-2 per month). Use national planners instead. For international planning, the DB website or DB Navigator app is a good choice (updated twice/week).
  3. Adding a train manually is totally OK but don't do that if you have an iPhone. There is still a bug that is triggered by manually added journeys: it can make all journeys from that day disappear.