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Hi! I’m trying to plan my journey and I would like to go to some Balkan countries. However, I can’t see any timetable for them in the interrail app. Do you know where I can see when the trains go from  example Zagreb to Belgrade and Belgrade to Sarajevo? Also do I add it manually when I found the train times or how does it work?

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There are no trains from Zagreb to Belgrade or from Belgrade to Sarajevo.

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hej, svenska, Gretha may proclamate to use trains/toget, but in old Yugoslavija these simply do not run over borders anymore-except Hrvatska-Slovenija. Well over 30 yrs of neglect (rails are a very costly beast to maintain-what these green scouts never tell) have made it totally unsafe to ride on iron rails. Plus that demand has also plummeted since many people are now able to finance a 2nd hd car. The remaining people use a BUS. Passes are not valid on buses. In short: =using a pass in these areas makes little to no sense.