Trains in Italy; train schedule summer 2022

  • 22 December 2021
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I am trying to plan a trip to Italy in the Summer of 2022 when I was looking online at the train schedules, I noticed that after a certain date, some trains are not available. For example I was looking at trains from Rome to Perugia and it shows trains that are available until June 12, after June 12 there are no trains that go from Rome to Perugia. I found this with a few other trains, is there something I am looking at wrong or do the trains just not run after June 12?

I was thinking maybe it has to do with being too far in advance but I am able to look at other itineraries a year in advance.

I have traveled a lot throughout Europe but this will be my first time using EuRail, so I am still a little unsure of how it works! I would love to book my trip as soon as I can so any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hey Angela,

there is the small timetable change in that date and the timetables for after 12th June will be published probably in May 2022.

But usually there aren’t too big changes, so you can plan with the timetable before that date and just recheck it in May again.

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Italian railways have not provided the timetables for the period from 12 June. You can expect those timetables probably from 2 months in advance. Long distance trains will be available first and regional/local trains later.

To get an idea, look for timetables on the same day of the week before 12 June. In addition DO NOT use the rail planner app because it is incomplete for Italy. Use the Trenitalia website.