Travel from Valence to Lille without using TGV

  • 22 April 2024
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I have spent a lot of time on the Deutsche Bahn* website looking for such a schedule. I came up with the following one:


Valence Ville 08:36

Lyon Part Dieu 09:48

dep. Lyon 11:18

Paris Bercy 16:25

dep. P. Nord .18:28

Lille Flandres 20:51


But on checking it now on DB, I can no longer find the 11:18 from Lyon PD for May 22 or 23, when I want to travel. On an arbitrary date such as April 27, however, it is shown. Can someone please explain this?

*There is a subtext here,  Neiher SNCF-Connect nor the computers in French stations offer such a journey without using TGVs. I will post this problem separately as a Conversation.


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The SNCF planners are cr*p, that's why I always use DB to plan, accepting that they will usually be a bit behind with updates. SNCF uses Hacon software (just like DB), but they've crippled it to the point that you often can't trust that it will always find the fastest options according to your rewuest.

The 11:18 TER from Lyon seems to run as far as Dijon on those days in May.

You can also find a PDF timetable on the TER website for Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. There are engineering works in April and on some dates this TER will go all the way to Paris.

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You could go via Vichy but there's still an Intercités (10-20€)...

- TER Lyon Part-Dieu - Vichy 11:34 - 13:26

- Intercités Vichy - Paris-Bercy 14:04 - 16:57

And indeed the SNCF planner is incredibly annoying, to say nicely. It didn't want to show me a direct train but instead it offered a total detour: more expensive, etc.

Or you could go via Culmont-Chalindrey depending on your mood (earlier departure).