Travel in weelchair; what precautions should I take and are trains/platforms accessible?

I'm traveling between denmark, Norway and Sweden, and I'm in a wheelchair.
I would like to know if I should take any precautions before each trip, or if the trains and platforms are wheelchair accessible.
And if, buying in first class, I have a place to store the electric wheelchair, which is foldable


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I gave you answers in your previous topic.

You need to make the research yourself by looking at the websites of different railway companies and contact them with possible questions.

As far I as know the wheelchair accessability, with RWC etc. is only in 2nd class, at least in Sweden.

Can you walk when boarding the train? Can you access the WC without the wheelchair?

Being inside the train, with support or canes, I can move around, as well as go to the bathroom.
But in second class, where would the wheelchair be? Along with me, in the wagon, or in the cargo hold?

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 Along with me, in the wagon, or in the cargo hold?

There are no cargo holds in Swedish trains so the wheelchair has to be with you.

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Do you have to board the train sitting in the wheelchair or can you use canes? 


Will you have someone travelling with you that can help you with the wheelchair or do you need assistance from personnel from the railway company?