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  • 31 December 2021
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Can a Eurail pass be used to book tickets to Monaco/Monte Carlo?  I see that a train travelling between Nice and Ventimiglia will stop in Monte Carlo, but if I do a search for a train specifically from Nice or Ventimiglia to Monte Carlo, Monaco doesn’t come up as an option. Any help would be appreciated!


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Yes no.

YES-you can simply travel to there.

NO you do not need to book/reserve-as all trains, run by the general state-strike prone SNCF are local ´regional=TER and cannot even be reserved. About every 30/60 minn on the line Nice-Ventimiglia (just over border in IT). But with that electronic pass you have to fill out the journeys made-by hand if not shown in planner. There is the odd tiny chance they check that.

As has been explained here so many imes: that Eu/InterRail planner (with that silly am/pm timings) is not the best-often the worst. ALways use, certainly for local inland domestic trips that of the railway concerned oir as a general alternative which works for nearly all of EUR. With this site: if you click on train nr it will show in a pop-up all stops that traintrip makes.

If you stay locally and just make  a few short trips-there are also only local passes for 1-2 days, much cheaper as a passday in itself.