Traveling with train through Italy, Switzerland and France

  • 4 March 2024
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HI my family will be traveling to Europe this summer July 23-Aug 13th.  We would love to hit all three countries France, Italy and Switzerland and do it all by train.  Has anyone experienced a three week trip all by train with the family.  Where should we start and end?  How do we pick and choose what destinations in each country?  We definitely want to explore some of the beautiful places in nature and mountains as well.  I am grateful for any feedback or layout you suggest.  

1 reply

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This is a very broad question. We’ll gladly give a few suggestions. First, here are 2 helpful links about Eurail (the website is incredible) :

Starting in chronological order :

You’ll likely land in Paris. Note that the city is hosting the Olympics right during your dates → expect crazy prices, crowds and extra security measures.

I’d head out of the city pretty quickly. Strasbourg could be a good first stop before Switzerland.

After a few days in the Alps (Interlaken and Lucerne are the most touristy areas) head into Italy.

The Bernina railway is stunning and a fantastic way to enter Italy. I’d plan around that. It’s my favourite Swiss railway by far! :)

Italian cities will be very hot and busy in August, I’d spend most of the time in the mountains.

You’ll have to book high-speed trains in advance → peak peak season so they will likely sell out. Have a look at the links I posted above.

To avoid returning to Paris look at open-jaw flights (multi-destinations), you could probably head home from Milan.

Questions welcome. :)