Travelling from Poland to Lithuania, Latvia and Lithuania

  • 8 July 2024
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This summer we are planning to travel from Poland to the baltic countries. We have a global pass, however, we have seen that it is not available to check the timetables o book the trains on the interrail website and we’re struggiling a bit to understand which is the best way to travel around these countries. It would be of great help if somebody that has travelled there could answer some questions:

  • Is it always possible to book the trains in the stations with the interrail pass (if there’s seats on the train)? Which would be the best way?
  • We are aware that global pass also includes buses, which apparently are a good way to travel in these countries, how can we know which type of buses it includes? Which is the way of booking these buses?


Thank you very much in advance! 




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The Global Pass doesn't include any buses apart from train replacement buses. 

Where did you find the information that buses should be included in the Global Pass?

It says so on the pass: It says before you travel in a “train, bus or ferry”

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It says so on the pass: It says before you travel in a “train, bus or ferry”

Can you please post a link to this information.

Hi, I'm gathering info on this subject too. That's what I learned, don't know if it can help you out.

  • Reservations: You can book seats on some routes (Vilnius - Siauliai - Riga) but most trains don't take reservations. It's not possible to reserve in 2nd class with an Interrail Pass, you can just hop on and show your pass.
  • Estonia: The Estonian railway company says you can buy tickets at the station or on the train with your Interrail Pass.
  • Lithuania: This one's a bit trickier. For Lithuania, you apparently need to reserve a seat in advance by emailing their info center ( at least 3 days before the train departs (assuming there are seats available). There's a 5 euro reservation fee for both 1st and 2nd class. They'll send you an invoice via email that you need to pay within a day by bank transfer. Once they get the payment, they'll send you your train ticket via email.
  • Warsaw to Vilnius Train: I booked my seat on the IC 144 from Warsaw to Vilnius through the app and got a physical ticket mailed to me. I'm not sure if that ticket covers the whole trip or just the Polish part to Mockava, I guess I’ll find it out on place.

PS. If someone can rectify any inaccurate information, I would appreciate it!

I wanted to give you an update on my trip from Warsaw to Vilnius and the Vilnius - Klaipeda - Siauliai - Riga routes.

As mentioned, I emailed the customer service department ( with the dates and times of my travels. I received a free ticket for the Mockava - Vilnius route (I had already purchased a ticket from the Polish company with a departure from Warsaw) and the rest for €5 each. I paid for everything by bank transfer and within two days I received the PDF tickets with reserved seats.

I hope this is helpful for others.

Happy travels to everyone!