Travelling from Stavanger to Bergen

  • 18 March 2022
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Hey everyone !

I am planning my very first Interrail in May 2022 and I also want to travel from Stavanger to Bergen, Norway. I quickly noticed that taking the bus on this route is way more efficient than the train. The bus would be this one: Linje NW400 Stavanger–Haugesund–Bergen

Does anyone know if this bus is somehow included into my pass ? Or do I have to book it seperatly ?

Thanks for your help !!

Greeting from Germany,



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6 replies

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This bus is not included so you'll have to buy a separate ticket.

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NO, NOrge, this is not included, its really train only-one or two buslines that connect in the up north of NO offer discount and thats it.

In fact I think this busline is partly by ferry. A look at a decent map will tell you more.

In DE=Germany there will also be 100s of links between stations only served by bus (bot not likely that long) rhat are not included.

Also: In NO you now need to REServe every seat on all long-dist trains of every company-even though general info tells you this is not needed.

Thanks for the replies !

How do I know Continue with my travel days ? Does it count as one if I book it extra, without interrail ?

I don't think so, right ?

Thanks a lot !!

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How do I know Continue with my travel days ? Does it count as one if I book it extra, without interrail ?

If you don't travel on Interrail, then you don't need to use a travel day.

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Have you considered a ferry? Beautiful views but NOT on Interrail. Possibly saves a precious day 

Thanks for the help ! I have decided to cancel this journey :((( because it just wouldn't make any sense since not "quick" transport is included into my pass and I also don't have the possibility to add a travel day at the end since I only have limited time :( I have now added Aarhus, Denmark as a new stop and will only go to Bergen, Norway.


Thank you everyone :)