Travelling tomorrow, but didn't receive my reservation E tickets

  • 11 August 2022
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Hi, I made reservations for 3 trains, paid for it, but never got a confirmation email and there not in my account. The money is taken off of my bank account, but all my other reservations are in my account except for this order. I'm travelling tomorrow and contacted Interrail 3 weeks ago but I still don't have a reply. What should I do?


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If you didn't get any confirmation email and the reservation are not in your account, then something went wrong with the reservation.

You either need to buy new reservations or change your travel plans so that you travel with trains that don't need a reservation.

What route is the reservation for?

You will eventually get the amount for the non-delivered tickets refunded from Interrail. You can contact Customer Support through the form below and ask for the refund.


It's for Paris-Nice on August 15th and Vienna-Utrecht (2 trains I believe) on August 23rd. I don't think they are available anymore but we booked all of our hotels and trains so we really needed those trains and reservations 

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As the reservations weren't made I guess there's not much Interrail can do about it. 

I suggest that you call NS International. If there are seats left they should be able to make new reservations for you.

I think that you can call them now.

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There are a number of direct trains Paris - Nice with reservations available for 15 Aug. Mostly €20/person though.

You can book them here


Vienna  - Utrecht on day trains would be on non-compulsory reservation trains but they may be very busy so reservations can be made at or


I see it now, thank you!


The same thing happened to me unfortunately and i fortunately fixed it. I don’t know if you made the same mistake but for me i made a mistake on writing my address and it was sent to someone else. However, if you have the order number on your account just contact interrail asap and tell them that you you need immediate response as you’re traveling soon. And send them your email address so they can send you your tickets again.