Travelling tomorrow: questions about pass number on reservations!


Tomorrow I’m starting my first Interrail trip! 
I have a few seat reservations that I have booked through the Interrail website a while back. But I have since exchanged my global pass for a new one.

I noticed that on my ticket between Zürich and Como S. Giovanni my old pass number (ticket number) is printed. Can this cause problems with using that reservation? And are my other 3 reservation probably also connected to my previous pass number?

I also noticed that my last name has been spelled wrong by one letter on two of my reservations. Have any of you experienced the conductors to be nitpicky about this?

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Name wont be any problem, as long as you sit on right place (check BOTH wagon and seat nr!) in right train/date

The other might-but thats not very likely-only in case of a very rare travelling anti-fraud team or maybe some brand new conductor still following all instructions. Maybe you have some proof of exchange of pass?

Thank you! Let’s hope it won’t be a problem!
I’ve tried to see if I could add my reservations to the Rail Planner app, but I can’t figure out a way to do that. So I’m guessing it’s ok to have my seat-only tickets (reservations) printed out and present them together with my mobile pass qr-code?

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You can't connect the reservations to the mobile pass. Reservations are separate from the pass. 

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I see that you will be travelling tomorrow.  I can recommend you to deactivate you pass if you have it active at the moment and only activate it just before boarding the train. This in case that your travel plans change in the last moment.

When you choose the start day of the validity of the pass, the first day of the validity period is automatically made a travel day, even if you don't enter a journey, the advice from the exprienced travellers is therefore not to activate the pass before the first travel day as you only can deactivate the pass before 00.00 CET on the day the validity starts.

The advice is also never to activate a travel day until just before boarding the train, otherwise you might loose a travel day if your travel plans change in a late stage  You can't delete a travel day in the past. A travel day can only be deleted until 23.59 CET the day before the travel day