Trouble with seat reservations- different prices/times and unable to book

  • 6 July 2022
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I am trying to make seat reservations for my eurail trip, as several of the routes i have plan require seat reservation. The first journey is from Krakow to Budapest. I first tried booking this through the app. Under “seat reservation required” there is a little menu where it says “first class” or “second class”, but nothing happens when i click them. Then i tried going to the eurail webside to book there, but the spesific journey i had picked in the app wasn’t on the website. Instead there were other times and other routes. Also, when refreshing the page, i got different results and availabilities every time. Usually the price of the seat reservation also changed, and some parts of the journey suddenly was unavailable for reservation. I tried going to the train companys website to book there (, but got different times and prices there, and was also not able to choose discounted tickets for eurail ticket holders. I am very confused, and considering reserving seats at the station when i’m at the different destinations. Is this risky? I have a set route and i have booked places to stay. Could the website trouble i am having be caused by high traffic and would it be better to try another time? For information, my first journey is on the 21st of july. 


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Click above on help-READ the article about RES-then see it is NOT possible at all what you intend-it has to be done locally at counter. There is also a separate on howtodoit-useful for further trips onward- by seewulf bypassing the app (and thus also saving money). IN POland for inland tis only possible from 1 month advance-for INtern maybe 2 monthes. How full trains are is mostly a matter of season, but it is extremely rare to be fully booked weeks advance. It is often also very well possible in case of ´full rains to use local trains, mostly over border, and more changes/take more time/no RES needed

Nordmenn should use InterRail-NOT EUrail.