UK LNER train reservations

  • 28 July 2022
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Anybody visiting UK (or using inbound/outbound days) and intending to use the East coast line operated by LNER a reservation is strongly advised and at busy times may be compulsory. These are available free of charge at any UK station or can be pre-ordered from the LNER site if you set up an account, During booking the reservation it asks for a ticket reference but the system accepts a 0 and you simply declare you have a valid ticket.

LNER operate from London Kings Cross which is adjacent to the Eurostar St Pancras terminus. Trains go to York, Leeds, Durham Newcastle and Edinburgh (and a few beyond).


1 reply

Wish I had known this sooner. The railplanner app offers reservations for 6 euro’s and somewhere else I was advised to make reservations with acprail. It would have saved me 3 X 6 euro’s.

Thanks for sharing this. Hope other travellers benefit from your tip!