Unable to make reservation Rotterdam-London

  • 25 May 2022
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I am trying to make a train reservation with my interrail pass from Rotterdam to London. First you have to log in. I did that so you can see the what reservations are availlable from ticket holders. The only day (3 june) we need to make a reservation, says they are all €0 and " prices unavaillable".  I know there's a max. Ammount of interrail holders that can make reservations in an Eurostar train. But ALL other days seem to be just fine. Does this mean theres just a bug or something? Or  are we not able anymore to make reservations for that day?.


If so, this means we have to buy +€400 worth on Eurostar ticket for 1 train... That's is more then the Interrail ticket itself we bought. 


Does anyone know, if this is the case, if we need to buy those tickets, or is it possible to go without reservations & tickets....?




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You can't board the Eurostar without a reservation.

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I just checked the availability of Eurail/Interrail seats on the Eurostar at b-europe and there are no seats available at all between the 2nd and 6th of June.


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PINKsteren=Whitsunday in /en/- major long weekend.

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You could check if there are still seats available between Brussels and London and use the intercity to get to/from Brussels. Availability of pass holder seats is better from Brussels. But it will certainly very busy because of the long weekend.