Unsuccesful reservation for tomorrow morning - customer service is not replying

  • 16 April 2022
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I have a question: Yesterday we booked seat reservations for London-Berlin travelling tomorrow morning (april 19th) and I got the message that only Köln-Berlin was booked but London-Bruxelles and Bruxelles-Köln not and they charged my account for it. I could opt for either let interrail rebook for me or that I could rebook and that they would refund me the money. I chose that they should rebook and then got the message that they try to answer within 48 hours, which would be too late, as we want to travel tomorrow morning. If I had known it would take this long for customer service to respond, I would have booked it myself. I am afraid to rebook now as I don’t want double-charged. Do you have any advice what to do?

Thanks! Nadine

4 replies

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For the train from Bruxelles to Köln if you take the high-spead train ICE you don't need a reservation, it is only optional. But you can buy it also via bahn.de (4€). For Thalys you need a reservation, but you better take ICE instead of Thalys. 

For Eurostar you could try to book via B-Europe (cover nr. needed of a paper pass, but you could try to book via phone (no cover nr. needed, or you could ask directly Eurostar by Phone or socials for help.)

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  1. Please always mention details of the trains (date, departure time).
  2. Please check in you reservations overview which reservations are available there.
  3. Tomorrow is not the 19th… There are still places available on 17 and 18 April but not on the 19th:

You can either book via Interrail or via Belgian railways.

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19-in fact also a day when I use my pass again-is for those unknowing: the 2nd easterday, the last of for many a 4-day break=days off work and hence overcrowded. I´ve seen a similar request on another forum and there (wth many railfans and those in the knowing) it showed all later trains 100&% full and the very early perhaps an odd seat left-only for astronomical price.

Thank you very much for your answers. In the end we decided to stay in London (luckily we have family here) because we haven't received any response from Interrail so far and we didn't want to re-book and pay again for the 4 of us ourselves.