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  • 29 May 2022
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While my husband and I are traveling, our first leg of our journey through Italy, almost every train says it requires 1st class tickets that we will need to buy. I am trying to figure out how to buy (we already have the 2nd class italy pass) 1st class tickets for this trip so I can also get seats reserved. Thanks for any help!


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8 replies

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@Aleighton86 can you please specify wich trains you need? Because the only train that is only 1st class is the Leonardo Express  from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Rome Termini station. 

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Or the same Aeropuerto espressi to Malpensa by TreNord to Milano.

There were recently several remarks that the app deliers 1ct cl seats for 2nd cl passholders-perhaops this is still unresolved and makes the confusion

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@Aleighton86 can you please specify wich trains you need? Because the only train that is only 1st class is the Leonardo Express  from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Rome Termini station. 

We will be traveling from Rome Fiunicino Airport to Manarola. It requires a few train switches but our first train when I enter the journey, always says it is first class only. I don't mind buying the first class tickets, but I don't know how to do it.

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Only the train from the Airport Fiumicino to Rome Termini is 1st class only. You can pay extra for this train, or use instead the regional trains to Rome Tiburtina and change there for a regional train to the next train station Roma Termini. From there you can chatch an IC or Frecciargento to La Spezia and from there change to a regional train to Manarola. 

I am still confused on how to pay the difference to reserve seats on a first class train with my 2nd class tickets. I do not mind paying the difference, but I don't know how to do it using this app. I would like to get this all taken care of before we land in Italy. 

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You can’t use a 1st class reservation with a 2nd class ticket. In some circumstances it is possible to upgrade a 2nd class ticket to 1st but that is not always available and even where it is the cost will often be very steep.


For your trip, firstly don’t panic, this is not as big a deal as you think it is. Realistically you are not going to be able to do anything about it before landing in Rome.

Firstly those Leonardo Express trains to Roma Termini are very unlikely to be full, they are just a shuttle running every 15mns, worst case is you can get the next one.

You have 2 options.


1 Catch the first local train from Roma Flumicino (station at airport) that stops at Roma Tiburtina (these run every ½ hour) At Roma Tiburtina catch the next train to Roma Termini, these trains are valid with Eurail and do not require any reservations.The total journey will take about 1h15m.


  1. If you want/need to use the Leonardo Express to Roma Termini: Go to the staffed ticket office at Flumicino, I doubt you will be able to get an upgrade for your 2nd class Eurail but there is no harm in trying. Most likely you will have to buy a standard ticket, these cost €14 one way per person (children up to 12yrs old go free with a paying adult) and there is no discount for buying ahead of time.


You are somewhat unlucky that the first train you will encounter is 1st class only, there are only a handful on the entire continent but as is common Airport-City routes are prime locations for overly expensive express routes with “special” fares aimed at extracting extra cash from tourists.

Thank you so much for this response. It was incredibly helpful and definitely put my mind at ease about being there and traveling. I appreciate your response.