Urgent - can't find seat reservation with e-ticket

  • 9 September 2023
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Hi there, I’m looking to take the train from Berlin to Warsaw in October and I need a seat reservation. On interrail, it says i will receive a paper ticket if I try and book it. The thing is, I’m leaving shortly and won’t be able to receive it before I leave. Is there any way to have it as an e-ticket?

Also, I checked on the DB website (the train. company that operates the train I want to take), but I don’t see any option to reserve a seat without the whole ticket (there are still tickets available btw), and on OBB it says “ticket not available”… I would really need a reservation for this specific train and I don’t know how to do it, please help. Thanks so much!


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You can call Deutsche Bahn on +4930311682904, and buy a reservation which you can collect from a German ticket machine once you're in Germany.

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This question has been answered multiple times here but :

It’s not possible to book this train online. Either you book the (mandatory) Polish leg on 30 days in advance : Rzepin - Warsaw for 1 PLN (0.20€) or you visit a German ticket counter to book Berlin - Warsaw for 4.90€. Either option works and don’t worry this train won’t sell out.