URGENT Eurostar cancelled, have to rebook day after pass expires

  • 2 January 2023
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Hi all,

My Eurostar just got cancelled for tomorrow 3rd January, last day of my interrail pass. I can only rebook on January 4th, do you know any workaround to include it in the pass still?

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7 replies

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You should be able to use the QR code for the 3rd also on the 4th on the Eurostar and on trains in the UK.

I guess that @Yorkie and @Al_G have more information about this. 

Thanks, the issue I'm facing now is that when I select a new train on 4th on Eurostar website, it doesn't go through. Tried several devices, looks like an error on their side.


I finally got to talk to Eurostar on the phone to be told that because I hadn't booked through them (but through interrail) they couldn't help me. 




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What route are you travelling with the Eurostar?

Eurostar should help you even if you didn't book through them. 

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You can contact Customer Support through the form below and see what they can do.

You can also contact Customer Support through Facebook or Twitter.

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The revised timetable for Eurostar has been in their site for some days. Has your train only just been cancelled or have you only just realised it was cancelled? Which train was it and on which route?

I am very surprised Eurostar could not help if it was a last minute cancellation. If I was you I would get back to them and be a lot more persistent reminding them of their obligation to assist stranded passengers. The agency that booked the ticket is irrelevant here - it only matters if you are trying to get a refund. You will need to quote the booking reference and they should transfer you onto the next train with space and email a new ticket to you.

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You shouldn’t book another reservation online.

If you can log in to the website with your current reservation details and change to another date for free then do this, if not you will need to contact Eurostar directly and get them to re-book you onto another departure. They cancelled your original, it is their responsibility to deal with this.

Thanks all for taking time to answer. I opted for a ferry option in the end, and I've asked for the eurostar ticket to be refunded. I totally agree with you, I should probably have been more annoying on the phone to force then to act. The cancellation was anounced Thursday but I only saw the email today unfortunately.


Haply new year and best wishes,