Using a TGV route between Saarbrücken and Mannheim

  • 9 August 2022
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I want to travel from Saarbrücken to Mannheim and the interrail app suggests TGV9551 at 10:58 but does not say it requires reservations. Is this true?? I thought all TGV travel needed reservations? Is it because it's completely within Germany that it doesn't?







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INside DE these trains are considered to be normal DB-ICE (just as a DB-ICE INside France is considered to be a SNCF-TGV), even without repainting or redesigning. This is a decennia old system by the coöperating EUR railways that is not understood anymore by todays youth.

There are also normal hourly VAREA/DB eletcric trains running ev 60 mins on this route-with more stops. There IS the minor chance that when you arrive at the platform in Saarbr for this TGV that the announcing will be that-alas-this train is full and not open for boarding.

Thanks for clearing that up for me! I had thought it was probably some sort of agreement between the companies but obviously wanted to be sure before boarding.


It was indeed very full but we were able to sit on the stairs and had our tickets scanned by a guard in DB uniform.