Venezia S.L. → Klagenfurt Hbf Reservation via OBB states "Tarvisioverkehr Pass1". Is this the right ticket?

  • 19 February 2022
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Hey there,
I’ve recently booked a reservation from Venezia S.L. to Klagenfurt Hbf via ÖBB and got a Mobile Pass. When I attempted to book the ticket on the Interrail Self-Service platform, there was no reservation available anymore. Because I needed to get that train, I tried to find another way to get that reservation via the ÖBB. I selected my age and in the discount tab “Interrail / Eurail - Globalpass” and booked the ticket there for 10€. When I recieved my reservation I’ve opened the .pdf and saw that there was no departure or arrival station listed. There was only this: “Tarvisioverkehr Pass1”. Did I book the right ticket?
It’s the RJ132 on 04.03.2022.
Thanks for your help :)


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The Railjets and Eurocity´s from  Italy via Tarvisio to Vienna or via Verona/Bozen to Innsbruck/Munich are not reservation compulsory but you have to pay a surcharge :/
Eurail marks them as reservation compulsory as they have no option like surcharge apply. :/

The supplement surcharge on these trains is 10€ 2nd Class or 15€ 1st class.
The surcharge is no reservation 😕 It´s just a proof that you paid the 10€or 15€  😕 If you wanna reserve a seat you can do it via for 3€ per seat per train :)