Verona - Stockholm availability check before buying pass?

  • 1 August 2022
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Hi! I’m thinking about going to Stockholm from Verona on the 3 of august but I haven’t purchased an interrail pass yet because last time I was going to make seat reservation every train was sold out. So could anyone check if theres any available route to Stockholm before I buy a pass so I don’t need to waste my money?


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You can check the availability of seats from Copenhagen to Stockholm on but they are probably sold out. And even if you see free seats they may sell out quickly. But you can make an Interrail seat reservation before buying the pass.

There are ways to travel through from Copenhagen to Stockholm on reservation free trains, but they take more time.

There is also mandatory reservation on the direct trains between Germany and Denmark. These are probably also sold out, but also here there are reservation free option that take longer time.

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Here the link for the reservation for the Hamburg-Copenhagen trains. 

DSB Udland (