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  • 22 February 2022
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Hello! Some background context: I have never travelled in Europe and hence have never boarded any of these Eurail trains before. Also, my vaccination is not an EMA vaccination and hence is not recognised in all European cities. I thus make sure that my country I am setting off from and my destination country all accept my vaccination type.

However, I am concerned about the issue of having to change trains during the journey, and would like to ask about the procedures that take place during changing of trains in a stopover country during the journey. Specifically, if I have to change trains in countries that don’t accept my vaccination type, will I be stopped from changing trains? Or is it that so long as I can board the train from my starting country, there will be no issue in changing trains in the stopover city i.e. vaccination status will not be in issue during the stopover?

Thank you so much!


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In general, trains and stations are open and anyone can board. There is no check-in, with exception of Eurostar (tickets, security, ID checks) and Spanish long-distance trains (tickets + security). Sometimes stations or platforms are gated, e.g. some stations in the Netherlands, UK, France, Italy, but that's to check tickets.

Not all countries require public transport passengers to be vaccinated and those that do generally do spot checks. E.g. in Germany on the trains or in France in the stations. In addition, these requirements are not meant to remain in place forever so do check shortly before travelling.

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EUrail is just a pass-scheme of the united EUR railways-in total >100. It does not run its own trains.

You also did not say for about when you travel. At the mo many countries are more relaxing these covid-rules, but noone knows for even next month how it will be then.

Also: in the current situation you have much more to worry about HTL and restrt-places a normal tourist can hardly do without- for checks. Best thing is to find out how YOUR certificate can be exchanged for the EU-wide QR code that about anyone uses here for checks-and it will also save considerable amounts of time and needless discussions. How it can be done differs per coutnry-so find out the system for where you arrive. Best to use a general world-wide touristy forum like tripadvisor. Probably the answer is already on there!