What happens in case of missed connection in Italy ?

  • 26 February 2023
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I want to travel from Venice via Bologna to Milan. Both rides on Frecciarossa which requires seat reservation.


What happens if I miss the connecting train because of the first train being delayed ?


My best guess is that I should see station staff in Bologna, tell the the situation and will be given a new reservation for the next train, if seats are available.


Has someone any experience if this usually works smooth in Italy ?


Thx for help !


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2 replies

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Your best guess is good. You should get a new reservation free of charge.

If you see in advance that you're going to miss your connection, then talk with the train staff and ask them what to do.

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Why travel via Bologna? There are direct high speed and Eurocity trains Venice to Milan.

Except today due to works on tracks, but trains get a deviation, and you don't need to change in Bologna.