When should I make reservations?

Hello, I am contacting you because I have a few questions about the pass I won in January:Is there a reservation deadline, knowing that I would like to leave in August?Also, are there any discounts for other passengers' train reservations with my pass?Finally, I see on the application prices for trips but these are free?Thank you in advance for your response Cordially 

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Bonjour de Provence.

No there are NO more bargains or reductions-but smart people know many ways on how to use other trains as those with REServation obligatoire-use TER en lieu de TGV-in many other countries can do about the same. Oh-and that french habit of ´blackriding´- apparently so populair among its youth, can get you in serious trouble in other countries.

In several countries-notably yours-there are QUOta for passholders on trains-so that means the earlier the better to REServe. But in most other countries a day or 2 before will be enough. READ the page on REServ. and do note that in quite a few areas its simply not even possible to do online. If it is not a special ´grande vitesse´ train then its often the usual cost of about 5€ to REServe. The very worst of such countries-place nr 1- is ESpagne-FRance follows as nr 2. You are only allowed 1 trip OUT and at the end 1 trip IN in homecountry to go home-so if wanted to visit ES and come back and then trip 2-you have to organise extra billets or fly/walk.

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  1. There is no reservation deadline but in some trains pass holder seats are limited and trains can get fully booked.
  2. What do you mean by “other passengers' train reservations”?
  3. The application gives a estimate of hat a reservation could cost. Some of the reservations will be mandatory. Most reservations are not free.
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Just adding here, since you're traveling in August I would recommend reserving as soon as possible. Several high-speed trains have limited seat availability for pass holders and this can lead to problems for Interrailers during the very busy summer period. Unfortunately, there is no added discount for other passengers with your pass. If no reservations are required, you can simply add the journey to the relevant travel day and tap on “Show Ticket” when a conductor asks to see your ticket. Bon voyage! :)