When to book reservations? 1-3 days before using the train enough?

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Me and my friend are planning to got on a trip in August. We have read that there are seat reservations required for some trains. We are wondering how early we have to make these. Is it enough to book the reservations 1 - 3 days before using the train or do they need to be booked a month in advance or something like that?

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Depends on your route and how fixed your route is.

Few trains like Eurostar, TGV/AVE between France & Spain can be sold out several days if not weeks in advance as they have just limited seats for Railpassholders.

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Servus, the MAIN and very often mentioned on this forum bottlenecks are:

ALL in ESpana, except the clearly non-touristy routes=where you thus also will not want to go

ALL over the border to/fro FRance in TGV and €*-limited quota and sky-high supplmt to pay too

NIghtJet over long distance.

In ESpana its very hard to impossible to avoid these REServ. For those to/fro FR it very often is=use regional zuge,=takes longer, more changes. Old-hand InterRailers would know how to-but it seems the young from today do not seem to have the slightest clue as they have been grown up with these planners online only.