When will the reservation problem be fixed?

  • 5 August 2021
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Obviously there is a problem with reservations in general, but there is no official information provided by Interrail, which makes it nearly impossible to plan a longer trip. 

When is this going to be fixed and why is there no explanation how to purchase seat reservations at the moment? 

It is very misleading and unfair that you have to scroll through the community to find anything regarding this problem.

4 replies

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Reservations were always the problem of these Railpasses :) in the old Facebook groups it was the major subject and ofcourse here aswell :)

The problem is that every company do their own thing :/ For example SNCF (French Rail) stopped to sell reservations on their own platform (Spring 2021) and ontop block many trains for reservations from foreign countries (back in 2019)

There are still ways to reserve :) and quite a lot can be done online directly at the rail operator websites (Just create a question with the routes you are looking for or search the Community)  :) and the best options is always a ticket office :)

It´s strange to book a ticket that give you the complete flexibility and then reserve the entire trip minute for minute :/  Because for fixed trips you are often cheaper with promotional or Early Bird Tickets of the railcompanies :) 

Thank you very much for the help and the clarification. 

I want to travel to Lissabon from Austria and the fact that I have to buy reservations in Spain at a ticket office really scares me, since I do not have much time between different trains and also there is no guarantee that there will be free seats. Is there another option for seat reservations in Spain?



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lissabon is quite hard actual as the direct train are suspended 😕 and the new announced daytrain till yet not in service :/

ÖBB Ticketoffices could to such reservations before they get their new booking System :weary:  My backup are “DB Reisezentren” and few experienced Travelagency´s in Germany https://www.die-bahnprofis.de/

Especially Gleisnost from Freiburg or Kopfbahnhof and Bahagentur Schöneberg in Berlin with them i always find a solution. But for their service they will charge a service fee on top of the reservation fee´s 🙂 but´s a real service with E-Mail, Phone or even if you manage to get there personal :)

Thank you so so much, this is really helpful!  

I will try this out and maybe i will use flixbus from Madrid instead. 


Best wishes x