Where to plan journey/reservations - Browser or App?

  • 26 December 2021
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Hi everyone!

I am planning my journey from Germany down to Grenoble, France, and realized the Browser & the App show different options for the journey. It is not alway the same connections.

What is your experience - which one is the more reliable? How long in advance to you plan trips and what are your tips?

My journey might be up to 12 hours, so I am hoping to plan in a way that I do not have to make last minute changes. 


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3 replies

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Samer question/remark has been put here many, many times. Und frohe Weihnachten dabei!

The IR-planner is NOT updated very often and the advice is always to use other planners if you want the best uptodate timings. So you are lucky- works for nearly all of EUR and is one of the best. Also scotty/oebb.

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The app is not reliable because it doesn't get enough updates. I don't know about the Interrail website. Generally though, the operators’ own websites are most reliable and for international planning, the DB planner or DB Navigator app is a good choice.

Thanks to the two of you!
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